Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whiskeys Place is Moving!

I will be blogging at, for the moment.

This site will remain open, but due to the takedown (still don't know why, but my thanks to the Google team who brought it back up) I've moved everything to wordpress. All the comments, etc.

Please bookmark as the new place for Whiskeys Place. I will have a post up soon on Conservatism.

Thanks for all the kind support.


slwerner said...

I personally find the WordPress layout much more readable.

Good choice.

Anonymous said...

moving to wordpress permanently?

Whiskey said...

Probably. I'm not sure how long-term Google will be with Blogger, it seemed fairly bot-driven that my site was taken down. That was a wake up call. While I am again, grateful that the humans at Google brought the site back up, I am disturbed at the process and ease by which it came down.

Anonymous said...

I'll follow you anywhere, sugar-lips

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Rollory said...

Wordpress is blocked at work, so I'm leaving this here:

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Rollory said...

Unbelievable! You called it re: Edwards. Nice work. I would never have expected that.

Anonymous said...

You are everything wrong with men today. If only you would choke on your own cock.

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