Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sexual Competition in Britain: A Case Study in Sadness

The Daily Mail has another story on scantily clad, drunk, and sad women in Britain. Courtesy of Roissy/Heartiste, the pictures and comments are revealing as to what they show unrestrained sexual competition among women for the few dominant A-holes they find attractive works out to in real life. Its not an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, or a showing of Twilight. None of that glamorized idealization of choices without limits (or crucially, guidance). Rather, complete and total sadness and desperation.

The story gives away the reason, though the writer Tanith Carney refuses to see it:

The standard uniform — micro-miniskirts, sky-high heels and low tops — was once worn only by prostitutes on dingy street corners. Now it’s a mainstream style adopted by almost every female clubber and party-goer under the age of 30.

Why do they cheapen themselves so — especially at a time when young women have never had a greater opportunity to reject crass sexual stereotypes of old.

After all, girls are outperforming boys at every stage of schooling. In the workplace, female employees are starting to out-earn their male counterparts.

Why is it, then, in an age of true equal opportunity that so many women are dressing in such a demeaning way?

Well, color this under the obvious. The women are competing for the few men they find attractive. Make most men their equal or worse in status, i.e. girls out-performing boys at every age of schooling, in the workplace, in social status, well they turn into sluts. Inevitably. Because being a slut is the price women have to pay to get attention and sex from the few dominant, Alpha assholes they find attractive.

Women, almost exclusively, will feel no sexual attraction whatsoever for guys who are their inferiors, socially, and not much more for those who are their equals. Equalization in status and earnings and everything else just serves to make nearly every guy sexually invisible and undesirable for most every woman. Save those on the very bottom of attractiveness. A socially egalitarian society alone, let alone the current one where women do better economically and socially than men, guarantees a society of sluts, a few Jersey Shore Alpha males (think the Situation), and most guys opting out for porn and X-boxes.

Why DO young women go out dressed like this? We meet nightclubbers in four major cities to find the surprising and unsettling answer to the question despairing mothers are asking
Tonight it’s Hannah Lawson’s 18th birthday and she’s out on the town with five of her college friends after spending three hours getting ready. Teamed with leopard-print ankle boots, her outfit lends a whole new meaning to the term ‘Little Black Dress’

As she and her identically dressed friends line up, hands on hips, only the mottled skin on their naked legs hints at the six-degree temperature. But Hannah proclaims it’s worth it to give them that all-important quality: ‘confidence’.

‘Male attention is good. Then you know you look good,’ she says.

‘Yeah, guys wink and make sly remarks,’ chips in her friend Eleanor, 17. They have only just hit the streets, but already they know that their skimpy outfits have made an impact — another group of girls has branded one of their number ‘a slag’.

‘They’re just jealous because we’re beautiful and look young!’ says their friend Ruby Crowther, 19.

"Slag" from another group of women? Spending three hours getting ready? Extremely revealing clothing on freezing nights? That's all competition for the male gaze, and of course the male gaze of the few men women find attractive. There are plenty of guys to go around, but they are either equal or slightly lesser in social stature, so the young girls, in the prime of their beauty, have to dress extremely revealing to gather the attention of the few dominant A-hole jerks they find attractive.

Joanne Avery, 23, is a clerical assistant from Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham, out clubbing in Newcastle. Her £45 Playboy skirt sits low enough to reveal a white thong, above it is tattooed her personal motto: ‘Couldn’t give a f***.’ It’s accessorised by another on her upper arm that reads: ‘Raw Sex.’

Joanne’s extensive wardrobe back at home — which includes 25 pairs of high heels — is made possible by the fact she still lives with her family. Indeed, it is her father who lends her money to help fund her £500 a month eBay shopping habit.

Joanne has no qualms about sharing the reasons why she is dressed so provocatively tonight. ‘I’m looking for a bit of totty. You have to dress in a certain way to get attention.
‘If you’ve got t**s, it helps. It does make me feel more confident. I’m a slut, but it’s OK to be a slut as long as you use protection, which most people don’t.’
For Joanne, it is simply not an option to dress more tastefully. ‘I’d never dress in jeans. I just wouldn’t like it. I always want to wear slutty clothes.’

One reason for tattoos among young women is to advertise sexual availability (to the dominant Alpha A-hole they crave, of course, not to the "icky" Beta males who are their equal or below). Hyper-competition for the few desirable men creates basically, a buyers market (among the few A-hole jerks women crave). Thus women in societies where they have unlimited freedom and a higher social position than their male peers have to slut it up. Just to gain sexual access to the few men they find sexy. If nearly every male peer were sexy, you would not see the tattoos, the revealing clothing, and the drinking.

Naomi Maxfield, an 18-year-old musical theatre student from Chesterfield, was out on the town  in Newcastle.

‘I like getting male attention. If I didn’t, I would think: “What’s  wrong?” ’ she says. ‘It’s quite a nice feeling. It makes you more confident. Guys smile at you, wink, whistle, try to chat you up.’

Natasha Parish, 19, a hairdresser from Newcastle, has taken an hour and a half to apply her fake tan, lashes and make-up. Once again, she cites the need to feel confident for her choice of clothing. ‘I think dressing up is a part of being a modern woman. I’m OK with how I look.

‘It is nice to get a bit of male attention, not too much. It makes me more confident if I know that I’m looking attractive.’

Again, of course, the only male attention that counts is from jerks. A-holes. Bad boys. Alpha males. The girls can get plenty of attention from their male peers, and without dressing in hyper-revealing clothing. They just don't want it. Because they find beta males unsexy. Or, alternatively they HATE HATE HATE Beta Males.

Given the acres of limbs that are exposed, you might assume that these girls are proud of their bodies. Quite the opposite.

It emerges that in many cases their outfits — and the male leering it provokes — are often a way to bandage up their insecurities in a world where they can’t match up to the  oh-so-sexy, celebrity stereotypes  of womanhood.

It doesn’t always work out as they hoped, as Sian, an 18-year-old carer on a night out in Cardiff, admits. Her insecurities about showing off her figure in such revealing clothes are so profound that she admits to drinking spirits with her friend to work up the bravery to leave the house.

‘We looked in the mirror before we left the house and were so upset that we necked half a bottle of vodka each.’

Her friend Beth, a student, is wearing suspender-style tights, made popular by celebrities such as Rihanna. She says she didn’t buy them to look sexy or fashionable, but to cover up her legs, which she describes as ‘vile.’

‘There’s lots of pressure to look good. Boys always want that perfect person and other women all look amazing.’

Natasha Parish also ‘hates’ her legs — though you would never guess it from the scarlet and black micro-mini she is wearing in Newcastle city centre.

‘I wish girls wore a bigger variety of clothes going out,’ she says. ‘That’s why I wear dresses — everyone else does, so I would look stupid if I wore a longer skirt or trousers. I do wish it was easier and that I could go out in less revealing clothes.’

When Amber Davies, 21, a full–time mother from Bristol goes out in Cardiff, she wears her full armoury including a push-up bra and false eyelashes. But she has the self-knowledge to realise that ultimately it’s not a very convincing mask.

‘The only problem is that this isn’t what we really look like. In the morning, you’d be there without your hair extensions, make-up and false eyelashes, or your body-control pants — and you’d look completely different. Nobody knows what you really look like when you’re dressed up like this.’

It does not get more explicit than this (note the full time mother going out for random hook-ups and worrying about how she looks to her random partner in the morning). Women have to show the goods to get the sex from the few guys they find sexy. The cost of feminism, of female sexual liberation, is hyper-competition among women for that hot guy.

As Charlene David, 25, and Stacey Leonard, 27, stop to chat, two male bystanders come up behind them, put their hands around their waists and tell them they look beautiful.

Far from brushing them off, both girls said it illustrated the usual reaction they provoked from men — and asked for the compliments to  be recorded.

Other girls were also seen being touched and having their bottoms squeezed by men coming up behind them — or being forcefully coerced into bars. Because they were barely able to walk on their stilt-like shoes, many couldn’t stagger away, even if they wanted to.
It is Leanne McGinley, 25, a mother-of-two in a leopard-print dress, who sums up the contradiction. ‘I do find the male attention irritating. But it would feel a bit weird if there wasn’t any.’

Yes of course. Male attention from icky Beta Males? Irritating. From the dominant Alpha A-holes who coerce them into bars and grab their behinds? Desirable. No one is putting guns to their heads, they spend an awful amount of money, often subsidized by their parents, to gain attention from the Alpha male. Hyper-competitive environments produce such reactions.

It’s a contest that can spill into aggression and even violence. As the evening goes on, the alcohol flows and the pairings start to happen. Catfights break out, with competing tribes of girls shouting ‘slag!’ at each other from opposite sides of the street.
It comes as little surprise to discover that the more the women dress like strippers, the more men treat them that way. Among the men we spoke to, one described the women out on the town as ‘eye candy for free’ — and a chance to ‘window shop’.

Toby Harris, 29, a project manager from London, says he likes women dressing in barely-there clothes ‘because you get to think whether you want to sleep with them later’.

‘It’s a certain sort of women who dresses that way — easy chicks,’ he says. ‘They’re definitely not a long-term prospect because they are easy.’ In many cases, that sexist view may well be crass and unjustified. After all, shouldn’t women be free to dress as they please without being judged? But whatever their motivation for dressing as they do, there is no escaping how the micro-skirted mob are perceived by men.

Tom Jones, 23, a landscape gardener from Cardiff, says: ‘It’s good to give the game away and know what you’re getting. The less clothing the better.’

For Lewis Quinn, 23, an electrician from London: ‘Being around all these women is like being at a funfair with glaring lights in your face — but they’re not the sort I go for as it’s too revealing for me.’

Yes, of course average women can "win" by having sex with Alphas they would otherwise not have, in today's liberated, feminist, equalist society. But they don't get commitment from the Alpha males, even if they do get casual sex.

Some girls reported that their mothers checked their outfits before they went out and said they ‘looked nice’. Others said their mothers sometimes accompanied them out clubbing, envied their figures — and even borrowed their clothes.

Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, author of the Home Office Review on the Sexualisation of Girls, believes society has become so influenced by porn culture that no one knows where to draw the line any more.

‘We are inheriting more from the porn culture than we realise — everything from fake nails to fake tans. Porn has become mainstream.

‘The sad thing is that the confidence of these girls has become directly proportionate to how they look. It doesn’t come from what they have achieved or what skills they have learned. It comes from how much attention and looks they get from men.

‘Of course, there’s nothing new about wanting to be desired and complimented. But with these young women, it’s not just that they like compliments. They crave them.

‘The problem comes when your only desire is to be desired.’

The problem is not porn. There are plenty of men, in fact most of their male peers, that would have been happy with them. Girls age 17, 18, 19, at the peak of their beauty, can dress in a barrel and get male attention. If women were picking from the mass of their male peers, you would not see the hyper-competition for just a few guys, the ones they find sexy, occurring. Hence the drinking, to degrade themselves essentially in pursuing men they have no real chance of staying with, and can only get fleeting sexual encounters with. Including a number of "full-time mothers" in the story.

That is not a particularly happy set of circumstances.

What women need is ... information. Information about their realistic chances at landing an Alpha and keeping him. It is pretty easy for any woman who is reasonably fit, breathing, and under 45 to have sex with an Alpha. Alpha males are not particularly picky about who they have sex with. Look at Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Herman Cain, John Edwards, and so on. For an Alpha, life is a buffet with sex from McDonalds and Nobu in NYC, at any time. Almost any half-way attractive woman can have sex with an Alpha.

But she won't keep him. Did Tiger Woods marry Rachel Uchitel? Did Bill Clinton leave Hillary for Monica Lewinsky? Did Herman Cain leave his wife for Ginger White?

For most women, they have a choice. Career wise they need to have the power to earn money, and think about the future, including what they will do if say, tragically hip careers in fashion or marketing or PR go belly up. Romantically, women need to be told, over and over again, from an early age, that they are extremely unlikely to keep an Alpha male. Even if they do, that Alpha male will almost certainly cheat.

If they want faithfulness, companionship, and someone to stick around after their parents inevitably pass on, they have to compromise, and do so carefully. They cannot wait too long, all the men just the few rungs below the Alpha males will be taken, or have done whatever they could to convert themselves into Alpha A-hole jerks. A woman at age 35, who rode the carousel of many Alpha lovers, is no real prize and increasingly the men she can choose from at that age are X-boxen bound slackers who've opted out for porn and amusement, or greater Beta Males who found Game, PUA-driven study, and have turned themselves into Alpha jerks pursuing casual sex with significantly younger (and fewer partners) women who have the advantage of greater beauty associated with youth. Even the most beautiful 35 year old woman, after all, is no match for a fit and ordinary 22 year old woman.

This means society must be honest with women. Let them know, their beauty will fade, often quite rapidly. That the few men they find attractive will not stay with them. That if they wish a relationship, one that has the promise of lasting, they need to carefully, as in Jane Austen's day, consider a man's character, his friends, his family, his habits, everything that reveals him as either trustworthy or not. And further, to not reject out of hand those men that on the surface can seem cold, remote, shy, unsexy, and look carefully at somewhat older men who have achieved some measure of success, without becoming either bitter or players in reaction to female hypergamy unrestrained.

Further, society needs to hammer home the message to women that they cannot in fact have it all, since no one can. Choosing to pursue sex means that for most women, they will never have a husband. If they want marriage or its functional equivalent, they must abjure pursuing exciting sex in favor of careful courtship among those who are at least somewhat sexy (though not as sexy as the A-holes in the clubs and bars that demand hyper competition from hypergamous women) and have the makings of good life-long partners.

Every woman and girl ought to have the right to choose her own destiny. Should she wish to pursue the life of Samantha from "Sex and the City" that should be her choice. But it should be an INFORMED choice, one made freely in the knowledge that she will give up any realistic chance at a life-long mate and will likely have kids by herself, with all that implies (emotional and financial hardship as the Welfare State ends, under mass immigration and running out of money; and sons bound for prison, daughters for the stripper pole).

Most women don't like this compromise. They know they've been cheated, and their pursuits are somewhat fruitless, hence the drinking of bottles of vodka to screw up their courage. Nobody gets drunk for a night on the town ... before they go out, unless they dread the prospect. Men don't get drunk before sitting down to play Call of Duty. They enjoy it.

Women as much as non-Alpha men get cheated by the current system. Women get told a pack of lies, that sexual freedom does not require a knife-edge caution, that disaster romantically can occur at any moment, and that a lifetime of happiness is just one mis-step from slipping away un-noticed. No, today does not resemble Jane Austen's in the repression of women, limited opportunities, and such. But it does in that only a few men can make satisfactory husbands, and every woman is in competition with every other woman. Even worse, marriage does not end the competition. For Alpha males at least, who will continue to screw around no matter what. They're Alpha males, after all!

Total freedom requires hyper-vigilance, among women themselves, to get and retain a proper mate. There may be no "shame" as in Austen's day, but the stakes are just as high. Having a husband/mate to guide child-rearing and companionship, or none at all. Instead women are sold fairy tales of taming magical bad boy vampires, in either glittery gay (Twilight, Vampire Diaries) or brutalesque (Buffy, Tru Blood) versions, or other variations (Mad Men, Sex and the City, etc.) No wonder they're sad. They've been cheated.


Anonymous said...

Whiskey, why do you think that women really want commitment, companionship and so on? You can see, when given a choice, they prefer sex with a hot alpha. It is not going to change even if you put them lower in status.
When they have a chance to fuck an alpha and have kids (who do not starve to death) with him, they do it.

Anonymous said...

..and they will pay for it.




Anonymous said...

5 minutes of alpha beats 5 years of beta, as both you and Roissy have stated many times before.

These women might be desperately unhappy pursuing alphas, but not as clinically depressed as they would be if they were married to a beta (and even worse, raising his beta children).

For a woman, I think the best compromise is to marry a beta for security but have an alpha's offspring.

josh said...

Not quite on topic,but have you been following the story of J-Lo and her new boytoy,one Casper Smart? (A name that a fiction editor would never allow.)He seems to be a complete dirtbag. A minor criminal (drag-racing,DWL),a dancer and choreographer,(choreographer?? Really???) you'd think he was gay. He sure looks it;like rough trade,as Svigor might say. But he is banging jenniferLopez. And tho she isnt so young anymore--BTW peep her video,"On The Floor" its very amusing,this middle-aged lady at "Da Club" on "Da Flo" with all these teeny young people. Whats she doing there?? So is this Casper an alpha? God help us,even alpha's arent what they used to be.

josh said...

Re Anonymous:"Marry a beta but have an alpha's offspring"? Are you,uhm,nuts?? (BTW in my prev ost I menat to say J-Lo is old but still worth banging.)

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting view at that slice of club life. I wonder how this matches up with the population in general? Is the total cohort of females in that age all part of the club scene or is there a dominant group of girls who dress and behave modestly?

Anonymous said...

Josh, what's nuts about that idea? You get the comforts and security of marriage to a beta while raising a superior alpha's children.

In fact, it's probably been very common since the dawn of civilization. There's a reason men are drawn to virgins.

Anonymous said...

Certainly the cuckolding strategy has very deep and old roots in women, probably as far back as when monogamy began to be imposed. It makes evolutionary sense, because otherwise women are stuck raising inferior young of an inferior sire. It's likely that it has happened quite a bit historically -- enough to become a secondary mating strategy (albeit subliminal) for women.

I also think most of these women would be much more depressed married to a beta and raising inferior beta children to bedding an alpha even without commitment. If they can have both, all the better.

Anonymous said...

...because otherwise women are stuck raising inferior young of an inferior sire.

I find it interesting that no women consider their own genetic inferiority as a reason not to reproduce.

ray said...

nuclear winter looks more appealing every day

T. N. Toluene said...

What women need is ... information.

No, they be put in their place.

Whiskey said...

I don't think women can be reduced to lower levels of status, circa say 1964, just a smidgen below peer-group men. For one thing, women would resist it.

Also, women are flexible. While five minutes of Alpha may beat five years of beta, in the past women had to walk a knife edge, as in Jane Austen's day, to find a good mate or starve, become a prostitute, or a spinster. The Welfare state eliminated that problem -- but how robust is the Welfare State? It depends on mass nuclear families generating astonishing wealth, which is then used to protect that wealth (defense) and increase it (capital investment). The minor amounts left over fund welfare. Welfare states only work if the societies create a lot of wealth and don't use welfare that much.

Many of the single moms will be out of luck when the EBT money no longer buys food. Europe faces that almost now.

Besides, women get OLD. No longer sexy. Most women if given accurate information would probably make a trade-off, choosing security (they prefer security to risk) over sexy men. They've been lied to, flat out, that they can have both, and "change" that sexy dominant bad boy.

Moreover, Alphas are only situationally superior. Say, in Europe circa 300 AD to say, 1880, a beta male was a better bet, because he'd stick around and provide protection and support vs. a casual sex with an Alpha, not there to defend an older woman past child-bearing years from slaughter, or her kids, or put food on the table. We seem to be regressing to that as wealth generation erodes as the nuclear family dies.

Anonymous said...

Compromise is shit. If you compromise your life won't be fully fulfilled. Game is gone because it has evolved(if your not an idiot) and is more about being yourself in the most attractive way. There are 3 types of guys friend, but no sex. A-hole, with sex. And the actually good guys who are also attractive. I don't know how it is in Britain, but in america we believe that compromise is for those who have given up, because that is what compromising is. The reason true love is hard is because the guy will take some god damn searching for. There is not a choice between shit and shit. There is a choice between shit, shit, and having a lot of effort with patience

Anonymous said...

This incurably sick civilization deserves to be utterly destroyed as quickly as possible. I, for one, can't wait to watch it all burn to the ground.

chucho said...

Whiskey you can't be serious about this education bit. Even if we flew you in there and had you teach a mandatory class to all UK teens, do you think it'd result in a lick of difference? It's just like safe sex, drug awareness, etc--the incidence rates don't materially change, even if you hammer it home.

These girls, sadly enough, are doing the rational thing. They are maximizing their sexual power while they still can. I'm sure most of them come from good families, too (the girl's father cares enough about her that he funds her shoe habit). No amount of shaming and/or education would change their behavior because the game has changed too drastically. They want and need to cash in now.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, it seems you've failed to notice that the women who behave this way are mostly white. A man can easily find a good respectful Asian or Indian woman. There are lots of good nonwhite women out there. Stay away from white women and you'll be much happier. Ever seen girls gone wild? All white girls without exception. Other women have more self respect.

Anonymous said...

Sadness is the inevitable result for 99% of women who ignore their SMV peers and decide it's alpha or bust. For most, it's "bust".

cecilhenry said...

These articles are very compelling.
Great site!!

Regarding the comment that a society of social equality leads women to be more promiscuous to attract alpha male attention:

Mennonite and amish societies are characterized by high levels of social equality among males but this does not translate into female promiscuity to get alphas.

Granted there is an important (and natural) recognized sex role difference in these societies, and that combined with the moral code makes for better male-female relations.

I agreed with comments above .. women need to be put in their place.. by making them responsible for their actions and claimed 'equality'.

Patriarchial societies were created not (only) to control male sexuality so much as to control the many destructive aspects of female sexuality which we are seeing now.

Anonymous said...

...or maybe they want to be gangbanged by some somali immigrants!

ErisGuy said...

Has anyone looked at the pictures? What alpha male wants these fat, drunk, ugly skanks?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is what is so sad about these pictures.

What man in general would want these women? They are not attractive and look like sluts.
That's the look they want-- they think it conveys confidence in their sexuality.

To women confidence is confidence in the power of their sexuality to get them what they want. IT looks pathetic.

I must live in a really different social/cultural mileau-- how could a single mother, drunk, obese, tatoo infested, impulsive, attention seeking, unkept and of limited intelligence ever be anything but contemptible and repulsive?

Whatever happened to beauty?

Very few women can pull off beautiful anymore-- very few even understand it.

How is it possible for women not to know this?? The environment where these women inhabit is an ugly place-- ecomonically, morally, and spiritually.

Joseph said...

In accordance with the traditional blogospheric technique of pulling assertions out of the vulgar body aperture, I'll point out that one of the characteristics of being a dominant male is being willing to attach your name to something.

In any case, the "alpha males" are currently competing for the opportunity to beget the piles of shredded tissue in an abortionist's dumpster.

Anonymous said...

A man can easily find a good respectful Asian or Indian woman. There are lots of good nonwhite women out there. Stay away from white women and you'll be much happier.

Yeah, that's exactly what I want, a ball-busting dragon lady looking to drain my bank account after she's secured a green card and arranged for a her whole family to emigrate and move in with me.

Anonymous said...

"how could a single mother, drunk, obese, tatoo infested, impulsive, attention seeking, unkept and of limited intelligence ever be anything but contemptible and repulsive?"

Apparently the warm wet hole outweighs all else.

Anonymous said...

Mennonite and amish societies are characterized by high levels of social equality among males but this does not translate into female promiscuity to get alphas.
That's a worthy observation. Equality is not the main problem. The problem is a "freedom" and welfare state.
All those societies shame and ostracise single mothers and their offspring (and adulterers and premarital sex and so on). This was applied even by our society just several decades ago.

ErisGuy said...

A subtle discourse on drunken state of British "womanhood" (to be polite--I had a shorter word in mind), would require mentioning that "alpha" doesn't mean Donald Trump or Brad Pitt and rich, successful men. They wouldn't glance twice at these skanks. The alphas dominating and taking these skanks are more likely to be part-time drug dealers and full-time club bouncers: poor, muscular, a bit dim, violent, and self-centered. The only alpha behavior such men display is the ability to intimidate their gang.

Pete said...


"These girls, sadly enough, are doing the rational thing. They are maximizing their sexual power while they still can...they want and need to cash in now."

How exactly are they "cashing in?" I guarantee these women aren't going to snag a rich prince or CEO who sweeps them off their feet and takes them on a honeymoon to Monaco.

The lifestyle portrayed in this article is going to ensure that these women are single mothers with multiple baby-daddies, and living on welfare.

As long as the welfare state continues to provide, these women can do what they want. When the government runs out of money and has to cut welfare, these twits will be turning tricks just to eat.

The more fortunate ones with real careers of their own may do a bit better and become cat ladies at 40 (although if the government has run out of money, there won't be money to pay these "career women" to shuffle paper around at government jobs either).

Now I admit that there's still a bit of give left in the welfare system. The government won't give up, until the last white man has been hunted down and the very last thin dime shaken out of his pocket and given to a woman (or male of color).

Unknown said...

These girls are a nasty-looking bunch of skanks and hosebags. Yuck! If I was a Brit guy with this talent level to choose from I'd be looking for a new country. No self-respecting guy would have anything to do with this bunch.

Also, is "alpha" defined as: 1) a reasonably decent-looking guy with his shit together and career options; or 2) some low-life chav player? If it's definition #1, that guy isn't going to commit to a tatted-up skank with a rubber in her purse. He'll want someone who'll be a good mother to his children. The tatted-up skank ends up with the low-life. Why? When you act like a low-life, that's what you end up with.

Great article and analysis. As a final note, go to a college campus in the U.S. where the girls outnumber the guys and you'll see the same behaviors. It's sad.

As a thought for another post, why are so many young white males adrift? No motivation, no desire to succeed. I see this so often.

sestamibi said...

@T. N. Toluene

My thoughts precisely. As we've seen time and time again, the carrot of "information", while useful, doesn't hold a whole lot of credibility with most of the subjects of this piece. Only the stick of Islam or a western equivalent can manage female reproductive capacity in a responsible manner. I worry because I read stories about even Islam caving on that score as well.


You bet. Of all the skanks featured in this piece, I found about two that could be considered even reasonably attractive in normal attire.

peterike said...

Currently trending on Twitter is the hashtag: #ConfusingThingsGirlsDo

If you read some of it, it actually confirms much of what Whiskey says. You have girls self-identifying as going after "Mr. Wrong" (i.e. Whiskey's Alpha a-hole) at the expense of "Mr. Right" (i.e. Beta provider nice guy).

Some examples:

"go after the douchebag instead of the nice guy."

"date the same type of man over n over n expect things to be diff"

"Date/marry a man that cheated on his girl for them then be surprised when he cheat on them"

The remarks are endless.

joshrandall said...

Sounds like nigger heaven.

Anonymous said...

The future

I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE'S GONNA PAY FOR ME & MY KIDS!!!!

Robert in Arabia

propercharlie said...

What women need is ... information.

I lived in India for 3.5 years. Whiskey, you need to study India for a bit. Read The Romantics: A Novel, by Panjak Mishra.

We tred between two aspects of human nature; mania sophron or "controlled inspiration" in Greek: reason and instinct or what the Greeks embodied in Apollo and Dionysus.

Rock and roll is Dionysian ecstacy. Modern western women are Maenads who tear apart any male in their path. Rock and roll stars are images and gestures that must be worshipped with drunkeness and madness.

Maybe the Christians or Stoics need to start incorporating these images and gestures in their services.

Anonymous said...

How sad to see how the entire article and good part of the comments are predicated on the concept of an Alpha male being just a young sexy stud, well groomed and dressed, who has the confidence to pick a random lady as one would do with a bowl of pickled olives, hop her through a few bars and end her at his for some bedroom gymnastics.

In ethology, an Alpha male is a male who has the physical and mental strength to fend off his contenders and access the healtiest, or the most, females in his group. This way Nature ensures that the better gene sets have the highest chance to propagate in the group and increase its collective chance of survival.

Now, referring to human society, who do people think have the best genes?

1) Someone who lives in a self-assured, self-referential world of physical satisfaction in bedding the most women regardless of quality, and is probably only capable of pulling his over-confident self in a bar, with no other question asked than "where's your pad" and "got a condom".

2) Someone who has walked the path of life proving his intellectual and moral worth in full, whether by showing leadership in a corporate boardroom, genius and intellectual integrity in an academic context, or simply discipline and self-restraint in life.

If women want to pursue the particular ideal of Alpha male described in the article, it's their business, and probably their mistake as and when they naturally wisen up to the idea that they have been looking for "alphaness" in all the wrong places.

As wise Romans use to say, "similis cum similibus": let likes pair up with likes.

Anonymous said...

All Western females (US, UK, AUS, NZ, etc) ate the "omega" of their species.

The women of just about any other nation are vastly superior to the average feminist.

Anonymous said...

The happiest women are those who are able to find their SMV peers attractive and who are not sexually repulsed by men who treat them well.

Anonymous said...

In reply to the "dragon lady" stereotype:

Much of China has a problem with amateur prostitution, a.k.a. "compensated dating."

Gold-diggers are also standard in China:

Check some of the other articles on that site.

My analysis: Asia still has Confucian patriarchy to give women some value - thus it is possible for Asian women to cheat their duty to the sex cartel by prostituting themselves for money. However, the West has destroyed marriage and the female sex cartel, so women prostitute themselves for free.

fschmidt said...

Nice article, except that you are misusing the term "alpha". These women are actually seeking omegas.

Anonymous said...

The moment you have to approach someone of the opposite sex to get their attention, you put yourself in the position of the buyer, and thus lose the status war. If a woman were to approach you and open you with a line or conversation, then you have the power over her because you are now the seller and she is now the buyer. She is supplicating to you because she NEEDS something from you. Perhaps your good looks or alpha status...??

This is why I encourage men not to seek the PUA lifestyle. By approachine women, you already pt yourself on the backward foot in this sexual war of power.

And that's all it is - a sexual war of power. Whoever cracks first (makes the opening move or line) loses the war.

guest007 said...


you should check out the Washingtonain magazine story about high-drama homosexual celebrities in DC.

chris said...

There are alpha cads, beta cads, alpha dads and beta dads.

Alpha cad = Alpha who pursues a short-term mating strategy.

Beta cad = Beta who pursues a short-term mating strategy.

Alpha dad = Alpha who pursues a long-term mating strategy.

Beta dad = Beta who pursues a long-term mating strategy.

However, as long as men who pursue a long-term mating strategy are liable to reproductive exploitation by women (via the law, society and culture) then the short-term mating strategy will be the mating strategy alphas and betas will opt for as that mating strategy isn't as susceptible to such reproductive exploitation.

It all hinges on mating strategy and paternal certainty.


In particular:

"The book's biggest flaw is probably its misunderstanding of how EP views paternity certainty. The main prediction that follows from this EP view is not (as Ryan and Jethá suppose) that men will be equally preoccupied with paternity concerns in all cultures; rather, it's that across cultures (and across species), male willingness to invest in offspring will tend to correlate positively with paternity certainty. Consider, for example, fatherly investment in the bonobo and chimpanzee. Despite all their attention to these apes, Ryan and Jethá somehow overlook the fact that bonobos and chimps are both characterized not just by high promiscuity and low paternity certainty, but also by an absence of male parental care (Geary, 2000).

Instead of acknowledging that low paternity certainty leads to low male parental care, Ryan and Jethá instead emphasize the "inconsequentiality" of paternity certainty. For instance, they state that among the Mosuo (the society referenced in the posts that I link to above), many women mate promiscuously, and "paternity certainty is so low and inconsequential that men... raise their sisters' children as their own" (Ryan & Jethá 2010, p. 126). But their description undermines their own conclusion that low paternity certainty is "inconsequential". There is a consequence: low fatherly investment. That's why this investment has to be provided instead by the mother's brothers. (Note also: the fact that this replacement investment is provided by the mother's genetic kin is exactly what standard EP theory would predict. This fact is inconsistent, however, with Ryan and Jethá's expectation that everyone in "the group", regardless of kinship, will invest equally in these children).

Whether or not we all agree about the value of male parental investment in modern environments, it's important to be realistic about the trade-offs that promiscuity entails: when promiscuity is more prevalent, males will be less committed to long-term relationships, and less devoted fathers."

You could also see this blog post and its comments.

Henry said...

Hi whiskey, just like to say I love your blog, which I have recently discovered via the Alternative Right website. You're criticisms of white nationalism are extremely poignant. The New Right realm of political philosophy is the only thing at the moment that can possibly avert the complete collapse of the west but it has a lot of house cleaning to do before it can really get started.

I'd just like to give my personal, anecdotal evidence to support your hypothesis regarding this sexual battleground known as the western dating scene. I've noticed often people throw ad hominem attacks at you quite frequently, saying you're merely projecting your own sexual insecurities in your theories which I find both illogical and hardly convincing. If in fact you are suffering from sexual insecurities, like I do, then that would likely only further your ability to analyze the current state of the western mating game and its long term consequences. If someone were successful in this environment than it would be hard to convince them of the long term negative consequences.

As for myself I'm heavily steeped in the mid-20's sexual battlefield. I'm a 21 year old white male and soon to be Marine Corp Officer. I have a purple belt in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, I believe I'm moderately attractive, of large athletic stature, and decently intelligent.

Now the reason for that brag is that in most regards and against most of my male peers I consider myself an Alpha male. It is an extremely rare occurrence for me to meet a man I could consider a possible physical rival, and today I consider the vast majority of my peers as unethical, unmotivated, undisciplined and lacking proper intellectualism. However this view has likely been strengthened by being in college for the recent months instead of Quantico VA.

I am now fairly certain, even when taking into consideration lies and exaggerated boasts by my male peers, that I have considerably less sexual encounters with a much smaller variety of women. Alpha male status, in this young 20's category, is now entirely dependent upon having sex with a lot of different women. Not only must you have sex with all these women, but your Alphaness is greatly increased if the consequences of this promiscuity are as low as possible. You can't be a man with a lot of girlfriends eating away your time and resources; you can only be a man in this day and age when you have a lot of women and zero cost sex.

Henry said...


Stripped of all the natural avenues for achieving a male identity, it seems western society has relegated the consistent act of sex as the only form of achieving real alpha status. I've honestly come to grips with the idea that I may be an individual who would have been just as content in a arranged marriage society than a pleasure based one.

It’s as if Alpha structure has been turned over on its head making a perverted environment where I'm only semi-competitive. I'd almost prefer to go to a purely tribal level of society where mere physical force and brutality garner the most females; I'd likely have vastly better results in such an environment than the homosexual, drug club-scene and anything-for-some-drama world we live in today.

I know personally that I can come across as boring, cold, distant and emotionless. But the fact that my qualities of emotional and financial stability alongside physical attractiveness aren't considered adequate compensation is almost beyond my comprehension. Would I like to have lots of sex? Yes, I'm a male, and I would be lying to not say that the boasts of my friends, whether true or not, cause a sense of inadequacy. However, who are the men I notice who seem to produce impressive sexual resumes?

Emotional men, for one. I've started to notice that men I find completely emotionally unstable and dramatic garner extreme amount of female attention and loyalty. The girls almost live off the drama they produce; it fuels and entertains them. I simply could not offer such a thing. The crying, the fighting: its all like theater, allowing the females to act out scenes reminiscent to all their favorite shows like Gilmore girls or sex and the city.

Stranger is that petty drug dealers seem to invigorate the sexual appetites of girl's my age. (I have come to meet multiple men in college who sell marijuana as an important side income) They can be completely unmotivated, stupid, unreliable, and physical frail (from too much drug use). Yet they often have girlfriends (many of whom were prior clients) who seem to get sexually charged by the fact that their boyfriend could get thrown in the back of a cop car at any time. From a rational viewpoint, it makes no since that these men would make preferable mates.

This has caused me to see this inherent sickness of our modern society. Why is it that the kind of men I would never want on my side in the battlefield, are considered the most attractive men of today?

It’s a travesty when solid, traditional white men die out in far way wars without bearing children. Its even more of a travesty when they go back home to a society that says Edward Cullen's and semi-retarded thug black athletes are the epitome of male sexuality.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen an alpha male at a club, usually just easy slutty guys all full of cologne ready to go home with anyone.... Men in skimpy clothing is not sexy but in women it is as a woman i would sooner consider myself an alpha female if u go out and make some lame clubber go gaga over me!

Rev. Right said...

What a stark look at an absolutely pathetic culture. As bad as it is here, Britain seems even further down the road to dysfunctional gynarchy.

The stunning part is how fat so many of those women are.

Drunk, desperate and deluded is no way to go through life.

Anonymous said...

Right away one notices how ugly most of the women are.

But also notice how many of them insist that looking like a whore gives them "confidence"? Sorry, ladies, men don't give a damn whether you are "confident" or not.

Anonymous said...

Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, instead of constantly filling up other blogs with your same old comments, why don't you focus on your blog? It is not that bad and it gives you a forum to develop your theories. Plus readers know in advance what your topics will be.

Leave the political blogs to others, or at least have the courtesy to, stop repeating the same theme ad nauseum, and two, engage posters who question your comments on those blogs.

Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah whichever is the case.

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Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Henry said. I'm in the same boat.

Whiskey said...

Henry, that's exactly what I am saying. I've long thought that women in today's society suffer from a malady of wanting hyper masculinity. That Gilmore Girls (which ended five years ago and really was a failure for both lead female characters) is a fave of young women is pathetic.

You had the Marine Corps (my Uncle and Cousin were both Marines!) and many other avenues that taught traditional, restrained masculinity. Women today have the Gilmores, Sex and the City, and the girls on Glee. Drama, pointless emotional conflict, vacuous verbal ability to project snarkiness, that is what is valued. At the same time traditional male values in boys are suppressed.

Consider "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," which if made thirty years ago would have had the kid grow up and shoot bin Laden in the head. THAT would have been the climax of the movie. Instead we get emo-kid on steroids.

There is something wrong with a society that models Edward Cullen or Black thugs as models of masculine identity.

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Anonymous said...

You say that women could not have it all. Not quite right. There are some men who are willing to create a situation in which women could have it all, "have the cake and eat it, too".
They are the cuckold husbands and boyfriends, especially the interracial types. These men are willing to marry hypergamous women and have them as wives. These men would accept that their wives would cheat and even have babies from their bull/ lovers, especially black bulls. The husbands, meanwhile, are content that they could not cheat and get little or no sex from their own wives, but have to look after, financially and emotionally, their wives and their wives' children from the bulls. There are husbands who go on supporting their wives, even though the wives have declared themselves as black-owned, meaning that these wives only want to have sex and children with their black lovers, while dumping the responsibility of looking after them and their children to the husbands. Many of these husbands also do not mind to become nannies to the babies in order that the wives could continue playing around. Proof? Just look at the "tribe"and other interracial sites.
It is sad but true that the civil rights, which start to liberate blacks from oppression and exploitation by whites, do nothing to prevent black bulls from repressing white (and other) husbands and exploiting white (and other) wives. It is also sad but true that the feminist movement, who insists that males be more caring, gentle and more home oriented, do nothing to prevent the males who cultivate such 'feminine' characteristics to become eunuch slave to their wives and bulls. It is mostly sad to learn that some men, in order to give their wives full happiness, encourage their wives to sleep with the males of the "superior" race, the black bulls.
By the way, this voice comes from a member of the colored people, whose country in the past had its share of colonization by white people, and a person who has actively promoted female leadership in the society.

Anonymous said...

This is an EXCELLENT example of the sorry of male-dominated self-centered claptrap that women always site when claiming that men are all dicks. Women dress how they dress because their entire identity has to revolve around the men around them, and how proficient they are at landing them. It couldn't possibly have anything to do do with them liking to dress that way? That maybe women make choices in their life that don't revolve around men?

No, that can't be possible. It would shatter your self absorbed little world. Everything has to be about you and your percieved fuck-contest with ever other man.

Calm down man. They can dress however they want, try dealing with your own shit. If you focus all this energy on trying to be a better person, maybe women won't seem so superficial, because they won't be writing you off as a mysoginistic prick the second you open your mouth.

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Anonymous said...

This proves women dress like this to get attention and get we all knew..

They only get mad and get angry,rude , file sexual assault charges to males they don't find attractive...

I find it funny when ugly chicks dress like this and they think they can get a hot guy..hell,they cant even get the fat slob loser guy in the corner..And the good looking women act like complete snobs because you are not their type...yet you have a huge pecker and millions of dollars,but you look average...Their gain,I wont get any std'sor end up with some losers kid,that I don't want..So,I will take my huge pecker,my millions of dollars and find a hottie that isn't a slut with 1000 pimples on her privates...and probably aids or some other slut disease..

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