Monday, January 30, 2012




Conquistador said...

You gave us a scare whiskey.

CrisisEraDynamo said...

Don't scare us like that again. :)

Whiskey said...

I dunno what happened? Weird.

Thanks to the Google tech support folks.

Jules said...

My heart leapt into my mouth. "This blog has been deleted" is what the thing said a couple of hours ago. I started going through the google cache just to stop hyperventilating.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

To much left to write Whiskey. What are your thoughts on the Patriots? I still think, based on some comments that Coach BB has made, he knows what he is doing by cobbling together a team (offense) of undervalued white guys.

I'm working on a big article regarding this, and I always appreciate your point of view.

Whiskey said...

Oh yes Paul Kersey, BB knows exactly what he is doing. BB is perhaps the most revolutionary coach in the business now, with draft/free-agent parity, that whole "Moneyball" approach will be critical.

And its not just a one-and-done approach, but rather a consistent "beat the market" type of research to find under-valued players. Steve Sailer is right, in the future winning coaches will be SMARTER about getting undervalued players.

Florida, USC, Oregon will always get top recruits, but places like Ole Miss or Wyoming or Boise State can still win, by finding those undervalued players.

BB in particular has emphasized ball-catching skills -- make the catch in traffic, take the hit, and hold onto the ball for a first down beats pure speed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're still here.

testing 99? said...

testing 99?

Jules said...

Whiskey is proved right again. China tries to fuck Apple over iPad trademark.

Cowboy said...

I was alarmed when this website went down. I assumed it was a PC takedown. Let's face it, Whiskey's thoughts aren't couched in the PC pablum, and the commenters thoughts here run straight into outright offensive on any scale.

My second thought was, if Whiskey's site was down, how to resume contact? How to keep the dialogue going?

I have a few solutions in mind, involving getting Whiskey at personal expense via various web hosts.

I extend that possibility to Whiskey and this audience for comment and critique.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution?

Convert all past posts into word or pdf format and create a downlodable archive.

5-10 years SOPA-esque law will pass and anything deemed "racist" will be blocked via government DNS.

Whiskey said...

I will be blogging at

You may contact me at .

josh said...

Blame beta males?

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