Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amexica: "We Didn't Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us!"

In the movie "Machete," Jessica Alba exhibits her Latino solidarity, saying "We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us!""

According to Wikipedia, Jessica Alba is the daughter of a Danish and French-Canadian woman and a Mexican father. Her husband is Cash Warren, who is the son of Michael Warren (Officer Bobby Hill on "Hill Street Blues.") Alba's character in the movie echoes the views of most illegal aliens and their apologists: America does not have "borders" (unlike Mexico which DOES) and it is "racist" to think America should.

But as Whites decline, to inevitable minority status, and Amexica rises, the same can be said for Whites. "We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us." Which has an entirely different meaning. Whites have by executive (inaction), and elite dictates, been shoved into Mexico, in the space of twenty years.

Amexica has its attractions. For illegal aliens, their children, and Latinos (nearly all of whom are Mexican descent), Amexica means social and cultural domination. Little American English spoken, mostly Spanglish, with Mexican culture dominating. By moving here en-masse, illegal aliens (and the differential birth rate among their descendants) have created Mexico inside America, replacing it. But it leaves those who never wanted to live in Mexico stuck. And angry. With no real recourse.

The largely White America could endure half a million war dead in WWII. Go to the moon, in less than a decade, after Kennedy's speech. Because the mostly White America generated enormous wealth, used very little welfare, and had tremendous unity. Even with the stresses of the Vietnam War, America could still mount a major space exploration program and do what no other nation has done since: walk on the moon.

As America has turned into Amexica, it has gotten Mexico's space program, and will get slowly, but surely, Mexico's military. Amexica generates Mexico's wealth, and Mexico's middle class. It has Mexico's racial tensions, and elite-populace wealth divisions. But the major impact of Amexica is the sudden immersion of the ordinary White populace into Mexico.

Unlike the illegal aliens who crossed the border illegally, in defiance of US immigration law (even if the US government refuses to enforce it seriously), US Whites did not move anywhere. They did not leave their country. But effectively, the border crossed them. They now no longer live in America. Merely Amexica. Where the language spoken is not the English they grew up with, but Spanglish. Where they are a minority, discriminated against, outsiders. Expected to generate all the wealth while sitting in the back of the bus.

Jessica Alba, Robert Rodriguez, and Michelle Rodriguez, became wealthy superstars, courtesy of the White audiences that embraced them. Robert Rodriguez made "Spy Kids" which while not a likely AFI "Greatest Movie" award winner, paid for his mansion and allowed him to date Rose McGowan. Michelle Rodriguez is likely best known for her roles in "Avatar" and "Lost." Alba regularly graces the pages of Maxim Magazine, and was made wealthy by White audiences. In short, these folks are the most assimilated, and embraced, by White America, that Mexican ancestry Americans can be, and Amexica still outweighs their affections for the people who they share ancestry with (in Alba's case) and made them wealthy and famous.

But the people who can really, truthfully say "We Didn't Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us" are ordinary White Americans. Who in one generation effectively now live in a variant of Mexico.


*** ******** said...

having grown up in southern california, i laugh when i read about how racist and intolerant america is towards those south of the border....and most people believe b/c they dont' know a thing about how Mexico treats immigrants, and how many laws regarding property etc Mexico has in its own country....hell, if I hadn't applied for a work visa abroad i'd have never realized how backwards most people's understanding of how tolerant america is in welcoming foreign born nationals.

Anonymous said...

Well white men enslaved blacks, killed indians, and treated other people of color like garbage in order to generate their wealth.

Now justice is about to be served.

Anonymous said...

Black enslaved blacks too, and Indians killed Indians and whites and as far as I can see people all through history have treated others like garbage.

So the kind of justice you think is going to be served, is the kind of eye for an eye thing that goes around in the Balklans and everywhere else.

Which is fine with me if you want to play by those rules, because whitey isn't going to just keep rolling over forever.

Whiskey said...

First Anon -- If you look for unqualified virtue, and lack of any vice, in *ANY* race, sex, religion, creed, or any group, you will be disappointed. Because humans are not built free from fault. They just are not.

In the late 1400's, the Aztecs killed on the Temple of the Sun, about 40,000 people over a four day period. Many of them, children. Their hearts ripped out of their bodies while alive. This practice (ritual mass sacrifice/slaughter of neighbor children) is how Cortez with no more than 300 men in all his battles save one (Noche Triste, where he lost 600 of his 1,000) conquered Mexico.

In the Movie "Machete," a Joe Arpiao-alike villain (played by Don Johnson) shoots a pregnant Mexican woman so she won't give birth in America. In reality, the Mexican ZETAs as in the post above (see the FT link) shot and killed **72** Central American immigrants.

Including one woman in the final stages of pregnancy.

So, the biggest human rights violators are in fact Mexicans (against Central American immigrants).

You are also likely to see a "stuck" middle/working class White population without shame or guilt "shove back" in a gigantic shoving match to push out as many illegals (and children and grandchildren) in a naked spoils fight for cultural survival.

As for European Wealth, that was a result of "White Gold" (wool) and the medieval technological revolution. Where places like Bruges became the wealthiest on Earth, in 1200. Long before any colonies and when Europe itself was colonized.

Automatic_Wing said...

Pretty lame adaptation of Malcom X's "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!"

Can't these Hollywood weeinies come up with any good original lines anymore?

Automatic_Wing said...

By the way, the plotline reminds me of an old Law and Order episode where some white anti-immigration types (i.e., the Minutemen) lock a bunch of Mexican illegal aliens in a trailer where they all die.

Ripped from the headlines, but edited for political corectness.

Anonymous said...

The whites making these Hispanic actors all this money reminds me of whites making black athletes a ton of money. Go to any NFL game and tell me how many black people are in the stands.The same with the NBA.

All these foreigners in this country are benefiting from the country the whites built and still hate the whites.

Anonymous said...

anonymous (second post) everybody killed and enslaved, white people were only the best at it. Doesn't mean we should now passively accept retribution.