Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Illegal Alien Protests in LA: Here to Take Over

In National Geographic's "Dog Whisperer," star Cesar Milan deals with unruly dogs with simple body language of domination. His message: "I'm here to take over." It is that simple. He does take over. By simple domination. The recent illegal alien protests on July 29 in LA, seen also here, and and here.

These protests, including the recent one on August 26, 2010, that shut down most of Century City (over the firing of 16 illegal alien janitors), are a message of simple dominance. Illegal aliens are here to take over. In the July 29th protest, illegal aliens protesting Arizona's new law, shut down the entire Westside for over 6 hours. The LAPD was not allowed to arrest the folks blocking the streets, until near gridlock was achieved on the Westside.

The message was not really about Arizona's law. Or the firing of janitors. It was about control and dominance. The message being, "we're here to take over."

As California slides ever more into Mexifornia, the message of control will continue until total domination is achieved. By one side or another. This is of course, replicated on the national level.

Just as Cesar Milan's message to dog owners is that there can be only one pack leader, so too can there be only ONE dominant ethnic group in control. As followers of the "the Dog Whisperer" know, the fight for dominance can be protracted, and exhausting. White middle class men, and working class men, and less attractive White women, are well, screwed when dominance changes. Because they are last in line, and last for everything, when goodies are handed out. Attractive women can trade on their sex appeal, but that has a limited shelf-life, even if women over-estimate the time they can trade on it. But for the rest, switching to living in Mexico, which is what is happening, gives no benefits. If White Americans wanted to live in Mexico, they would have moved there.

Mexico is falling apart. The Drug Wars have expanded into all aspects of Mexican society. The Financial Times reports that:

There used to be a time when the municipality of San Fernando in north-eastern Mexico was known for farming, fishing and a quiet way of life. Today, it is associated with death.

This week, a young Ecuadorean with bullet holes through his shoulder and cheek told the story of how he and his travelling companions on their way to the US in search of work had been kidnapped in San Fernando by the Zetas, one of Mexico’s drug cartels.

“They pulled us out of the truck violently and demanded money,” he told authorities after managing to escape, according to local press reports. “They said that they were Zetas and that they would pay us $1,000 every two weeks [if we joined them] but we didn’t accept and they opened fire.”

Mexican authorities confirmed the account when they discovered in a remote and semi-derelict grain warehouse 72 bullet-ridden bodies with their hands tied and eyes bandaged. Among them was a woman in the final stages of pregnancy.

Also notable:

Even Monterrey, the country’s industrial centre known until recently for its peaceful lifestyle, has been upended. The past few months have seen an increase in so-called “narco-bloqueos” or impromptu roadblocks by drugs gangs to create maximum chaos in the city and thwart local authorities’ attempts to keep the peace.

Things got so bad this week that Coparmex, a national confederation of 36,000 businesses that account for one-third of Mexico’s economic output, demanded that federal, state and municipal governments fulfilled their obligations to protect citizens

The same article noted the Narco-Speak changing the face of Mexican Spanish:


Students of the Spanish language and Mexican culture alike can add a new module to their classes: narco-speak. Mexico’s drugs cartels and the chilling violence they have inflicted on the country, have spawned a new lexicon to describe objects and activities that were barely known in the country just a couple of decades ago.

Cuerno de chivo

Before the rise of the cartels, the term “cuerno de chivo” used to mean just that: a goat’s horn. Today, only the most isolated from current affairs and popular culture would confuse it with anything other than an AK-47 assault rifle. The nickname comes from the weapon’s distinctively curved ammunition clip.


In more peaceful times, the word “levantón” usually meant a round-up of suspects by police or other security forces. Today, it means only one thing: kidnapping of one or more rival gang members with the express intention of torturing and then killing them.


More often than not, a “manta” in Spanish was something your grandmother might have made to cover your bed. Nowadays, it is a scrawled message or warning – sometimes in blood and often pinned to a dead body – from one armed group to another.


Remember the “plaza”, that sunlit square complete with bubbling fountain in the middle that forms any self-respecting image of a Mexican town? Today, it means a local territory for dealing drugs.

Dar piso

The literal translation of “dar piso” is to “give floor” (to something). Today it means to kill someone or to “take them out”.


Perhaps the most flexible term in the new vocabulary is the prefix “narco”.
Try “narcocandidato”, the term for describing a corrupt politician. Or “narcofiesta”, a party of rabble-rousing music, pretty girls and plenty of white cowboy hats held by and for drug traffickers. Then there is the somewhat older term “narcocorrido”, a ballad whose lyrics are specifically about mafia culture.

Not particularly a culture that has a powerful attraction for most White folks. It is not as if the Mexican-ization of California and America brings wealth, prosperity, and security to the existing White (former majority) population. It brings decapitations, kidnappings, and murders on a mass scale. As the article notes, since January alone, 7,500 murders have occurred in Mexico. This number dwarfs the number of deaths in IRAQ which is a near-active war zone beset by jihad and Iranian inspired and Al Qaeda inspired attacks (around 3,600 or so by Iraq Body Count). If White Americans don't want to live in Iraq, they want to live in even more violent Mexico.

Mexicans won't stop the behavior found in Mexico, that's reshaped the language, simply because they cross the border. Indeed, the actions already speak of dominance. Not persuasion. Simply the statement that they are here to take over.

This is guaranteed to provoke a fight. Demographics may indeed suggest an eventual victory by Mexicans. But never in human history has the message "we're here to take over" failed to provoke a brutal fight for control and ... dominance.


IHTG said...

It uses to be that rightwingers like Steve Sailer could be point to factors like Mexico's relatively high GDP as a reason why American liberals should not be so eager about inviting "poor opressed" Mexican immigrants.

Now that Mexico is becoming a seriously shitty place, that argument has been lost. Many leftists will sincerely believe that the rising anarchy in Mexico is a good reason to bring in more and more immigrants, in order to "rescue" them.

An Unmarried Man said...

I fear the gradual and inevitable usurpation of official Mexican government by this "paragovernment" essentially manned by drug lords. It's in their interest to not mandate their presence officially...yet. As the drug cartels come to dominate, their drive to power becomes more shameless and irrefutable, and it won't be long before the next Mexican president is perhaps an unabashed heir of cartel power.

This is a tragedy for all.
The article's illustration of the transformation of old Mexican terms is symbolic of the transformation Mexico has undergone. Never rich, never dazzling, the country at least had a sense of rural dignity.


Sgt. Joe Friday said...

Picking up on IHTG's these, Amb. Bolton has commented that Mexico is in danger of becoming a failed state and collapsing into lawlessness. If that happens, we can expect several million Mexicans to head north, jobs or no jobs, just to escape the chaos.

Unfortunately for us, we have politicians (both parties, but mostly Democrats) who will view this not as a national security emergency and sovereignty issue, but as political opportunity dressed up in humanitarian drag. "Serious" figures like Hillary Clinton will drone on about our humanitarian obligations, while unhinged goofballs like Howard Dean will rant about how racist it is for us to even suggest that the Mexicans don't belong here.

And the administration will allow it to happen. You can bet that our military and national guard will be used for only two purposes in the event of such an occurence, (a) to keep order in the refugee camps, and (b) to subdue, with lethal force if need be, any citizen uprisings/protests or attempts to repel the invasion.

At that point, any legitimacy our government had would be gone. I don't know what would replace it, or in what time frame, but under a scenario like that, people aren't going to be saying to one another "yeah, we'll throw the bums out next election."

dc said...

What becomes of the non-elite SWPL class?

Anonymous said...

The indigenous people's are about to get revenge on the white men that tried to slaughter tem on years past. What goes around comes around.

Sgt. Joe Friday said...

Anonymous - "Revenge?" We didn't kill any Mexicans (or Aztecs, if you prefer) as we expanded westward. They were too far south.

Anyway, the territory that the Mecha/Aztlan kook fringe claims was stolen was in fact ceded to the USA by Mexico as one of the conditions for cessation of hostilities during the Mex-Am War. And BTW, we compensated them for it to the tune of $15,000,000, or about the equivalent of $367,000,000 in today's dollars. That's probably about right for that amount of unimproved property with no infrastructure of any kind. Name one other country back in those days that actually did that, rather than just seizing the conquered territory.

Foxfier said...

I wonder how much of the money wired back now goes straight into the drug gangs' pockets....

Whiskey said...

The non-SWPL White class will become, probably, the English Defense League. In Britain, those with money are leaving. South of France, Switzerland, being favorite destinations, along with Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong / Singapore. Those stuck, don't fancy living under Muslim rule. They like fighting.

Probably the same thing will happen here. The ZETAs of course are far more ruthless and better armed than the Islamists in Britain. It is a bigger country too. The US version is more likely to be modeled after the Prohibition response, the anti-Saloon league, Civil Rights movement, Anti-War movement, i.e. massive/large anti-government violations of the law, so no one person or organization can be picked off. Using scale and pressure against the target.

dc said...

Interesting, but I was actually asking about the SWPLs. I mean those who are coastal/semi-urban, educated and well-off, but by no means elite.
They bought into all the tolerance and diversity rhetoric and, in accordance, voted left consistently. But what will become of them in the world they unknowingly created?

Foxfier said...

going off of their current habits-- that is, "get enough money to move someplace else that is just SO (whatever)" and then proceed to work to turn the place them moved into exactly what they left.

Probably we'll watch the population crab-walk into less "tolerant" areas, overwhelm their culture, and eventually move to a new country.

Whiskey said...

Yes, Foxfier is correct. You can already see the California SWPL exiles in Colorado, and other places, at work SWPL'ing those formerly more conservative Mountain States. South Park basically mines that for a living. The clash between the "old" Redneck/Mountain-West Colorado and the yuppie newcomers.
Re: "Exploiting" the Indians, the Mission/Hacienda system was set up by the ... Spanish. Continued later by the Mexicans. If you read "Two Years Before the Mast" by Richard Henry Dana (yes Dana Point was named after him), you get a good sense of what Southern California looked like, and what its people did, before the Mexican-American War, in the 1820's and 1830's.

Its available on Project Gutenberg, and doubtless Google Books, so you can read it for free.

The only White American involvement in Southern California at that time was seal/sea otter hunters (for fur in demand globally) and hides. California raised a lot of cattle, that could not be shipped out, so the leather was a major export. The hides were thrown down off Dana Point to the landing below, and loaded onto ships anchored there via skiffs. There literally was no dock at all outside of San Diego Harbor. As you might imagine, there was relatively little trade, and most of California was empty, and had been relatively empty, even before the Spanish, because the land produced little food for Hunter-Gatherers.

Anonymous said...

After all these years who would have guessed that their might be a good civilian use for the neutron bomb?

Mil-Tech Bard said...


I am again going to point you here:


The Jacksonians in American culture have long been looking for a way to politically express their "anti-foreigner" tribal selves for some time over illegal immigration.

They also like to fight.

Starting fights with Mexican immigrants and pro-illegal hispanic leaders, and their Federal, State & Local government welfare patrons, by waving the American flag on Cinco De Mayo is something they consider fun on a lot of levels.

Cinco de Mayo represents for them a perfect opportunity to "foment official government displays of anti-patriotism," from professional tract, local school, academia.

The Jacksonians know their Aztlan indoctrinted targets cannot help but react -- due to their identity issues -- and alienate the politically uninformed, only in Presidential year, independent voters.

For a useful, recent, cultural-political template for the "fomenting official government displays of anti-patriotism" meme -- Think House Democrats and Federal gun bans pre-Nov-1994 (and 9-11-2001).

This is also something that the Lefties, Big Business, and Big Government Republicans can no longer hide, thanks to the internet's lower barriers of entry to distribution of news videos of such fighting, and the "provoked displaces of anti-patriotism" by all of the above.

Did I mention that Jacksonians enjoy tribal political and physical fights?

I am looking for internet vendors to start selling a shirt with a Texas flag on front with the words "Remember San Jacinto" on back with a picture of General Santa Anna on his knees before General Sam Houston some time in March and April 2011.

The smart school principles in areas with lots of Mexican-Aztlan Hispanics will have teacher in-service school holiday every May 5th.

Anonymous said...

"The non-SWPL White class will become, probably, the English Defense League. In Britain, those with money are leaving. South of France,"

Isn't the South of France full of Muslims. The Swiss have a bunch too. There are also quite a few blacks in France. They are fleeing to the same thing.

The right is pretty much involved in pro-immigration issues too,not just the left. A conservative relative of Churchill denounced the BNP in the UK. So, both left and right are in on it at ths point. They have been letting Muslims and blacks in under both parties for a long time. Labour increased it,but didn't say they were going to do it in the election.

Anonymous said...

"Re: "Exploiting" the Indians, the Mission/Hacienda system was set up by the ... Spanish. Continued later by the Mexicans. If you read "Two Years Before the Mast" by Richard Henry Dana (yes Dana Point was named after him), you get a good sense of what Southern California looked like, and what its people did, before the Mexican-American War, in the 1820's and 1830's. "

I believe the Library of America put it out. I took it out of the my local library.

fxhawaii said...

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