Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque: the Mau-Mau Consequences

Now that Obama has strongly backed the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, celebrating 9/11 and the Muslim victory over America, it is fair to ask, what will be the consequences? The consequences are easy to foresee, though few wish to speak of them. The Mosque will be built. It will be the focal point for Jihadist, Islamist preachers to celebrate victory and dominance, and 9/11 explicitly. Infiltrators will find a way to smuggle cameras in and post video of Muslims dancing and celebrating 9/11 and the hijackers, praising bin Laden and AQ. Muslims will use the Ground Zero Victory Mosque as a base to march and intimidate 9/11 mourners with the passive police approval of the Bloomberg Administration (and that of Obama's Administration). Any protest against the Mosque will be met with protective investigations and arrests by the City of New York and the Feds. Meanwhile the provocative weakness of allowing the Ground Zero Victory Mosque will be so tempting that large amounts of domestic jihad against non-Muslims among Muslims residing in America, and mass casualty plots from abroad against Americans, many of them successful, will produce a massive death toll. In New York and elsewhere in America.

Until anger among the non-Muslim population is so high, that an American Mau-Mau movement will spring up. It did not have to be this way. But it is now inevitable. As sadly destined as the trenches of the Somme were in 1912. The smell was not yet manifest, but those who could see, saw it coming. Even if years later the Kaiser lamented, "this is not what I wanted!"

There is, globally in the West, and America is no exception, a bizarre, three-sided struggle. On the one hand is the elite, the rulers of the West, who hate and despise their own people. In part because their advantages are hereditary, and they aim to keep them that way by keeping their own native peoples down and repressed, or replaced by alien peoples. Hence support for mass immigration into the US by Mexicans, for votes and population replacement, and mass immigration into Europe, for votes and population replacement, as the link from Andrew Breitbart's Big Peace story on the Africanization of France demonstrates.

A rising, competitive, native White population in Europe, or America, produces strong competitive threats to current elites in the West. The Simpsons could be just as funny if their writers came from say, University of Idaho, or Cal State Long Beach, as Harvard. They'd certainly be cheaper. Hiring on merit of course would reduce the patronage power of head writers and producers from Harvard, and move that power to folks who would resemble Spielberg who started at Cal State Long Beach. Hence the need to suppress them (and also the fear associated with them) by mass immigration that can "drown" the competitive threats demographically.

Culturally, the elites wish to distinguish themselves as much as possible from ordinary people. Hence granite counter top kitchens, or a hip and trendy coffee place not named Starbucks, or hipster affectations. There is of course, a gender component:

The infamous Staples "Dell Ink" commercial (idiot White guy replaced by hunky, smart-together Black guy) comes to mind, but any number of commercials follow this rule, or movies for that matter. In "Salt," the Angelina Jolie thriller, the bad guy is the smooth and handsome White guy, and the good guy is the Black CIA agent. The CIA is apparently filled with Black and Hispanic agents and computer experts (in reality the CIA is among the Whitest of the National Security agencies, and filled with desk-bound analysts whose idea of excitement is a new restaurant in Georgetown). Computer experts are found in the NSA, or the DIA.

While part of this dynamic is accounted for by the dominance of gays and women of color in Advertising Agencies that dream up these spots, and terminal PC in Hollywood, success in the business/corporate world depends mostly on go-along, hard work, punishing hours, and not making waves. In a word, "boring" compared to the dreams of masculine dominance pushed by Hollywood and desired by most women. If the idea that the ordinary White guy was so boring (and lame) that it was repellent to most women consumers (the targets of most advertising), no matter how much that message resonated among Ad Agencies (or Hollywood screenwriters and executive suites), most of it would be dialed down. As Judd Apatow explained to LAT movie critic Carina Chocano, White guys get all the jokes and laughs in movies, because they are the only ones writers can make fun of in any significant way. Screenwriters and executives don't welcome the inevitable protests and demands by advocacy groups. Western women, freed from massive insecurity that characterized women's lives even fifty years ago, now wish for excitement among men and find most Western White men who by nature of advancement, must be boring, well ... boring.

So Western elites, with some assistance from Western Women, desiring excitement and followers of fashion and "correct" elite opinion (just watch any episode of the View or peruse a gossip magazine in the Supermarket checkout counter), have allied themselves with Islamists and Muslims (and in America, La Raza reconquista folks). This state of affairs has lasted from essentially, the mid 1980's (the 1986 Immigration and Reform and Control Act) until the present day. PC rules, "Big Man" exceptions (neither Mel Gibson nor Oliver Stone lack for defenders, and Charlie Sheen got a raise in his sit-com), de-masculinized ordinary men, hyper-masculinized Big Men, and the imposition of "tolerance" to the point of decadence and weakness, have characterized American (and Western) political and cultural life up until now.

Which the Ground Zero Victory Mosque has brought to a head.

But just like any bubble or ponzi scheme, the alliance with Islamists and Jihadists, and the La Raza folks, by the Western Elites, is not sustainable. Eventually things fall apart, because of money.

Ordinary people, and the state the depends on them, are running out of money. Joe Biden claims that 8 million jobs lost will never come back, in the "new normal." Toleration of drib-drab jihadism and terrorism in phony credit-fueled boom-times, with shiny new cars, electronic toys, and so on was one thing. Prospective decades of massive (real terms, around 22%) unemployment and declining or stagnant wages, coupled with massive vulnerability to commodity (oil, food, water) shocks created by natural disaster or deliberately by regulations, make ordinary Americans boiling with anger.

Politicians can be voted out of office, by massive voter tides of angry ordinary people, but judges, lawyers, law school deans, law schools, Hollywood, the news media, and the like cannot. Particularly given the natural tendency of defeated elected officials to huddle with those still in office and form a lobbying-NGO-governmental barrier to produce more of the same. More PC, more "tolerance" (weakness and decadence) and more invitations to Jihadists and Islamists to provoke and attack ordinary Americans.

No doubt most on the Left, and amongst the elite, would welcome another attack (as long as they are not victims) as a "teachable moment" to humble ordinary Americans and make them surrender more to Islam and Jihad. This was the effect in Britain to the 7/7, and 7/14 and 7/21 suicide bomber attacks. Islam is now a special, protected religion with unique privileges and rights not available to ordinary Britons, who must show deference at all times to Muslims and Islam.

America is not Britain, however. Among other things it is far, far bigger, subject to the tyranny of distance.

Much like returning African soldiers to Kenya, who had fought for Britain against the Wehrmacht or Imperial Japanese Army, saw both British weakness (against Germany and Japan) first-hand, and betrayal of the promises they found implicit, i.e. fight for Britain and get Kenyan independence, ordinary Americans will likely soon see the mighty humbled, if the projected wave of Democratic defeats happens. And implicit with the defeat will be the betrayal of the promise Obama and Dems gave in the fall of 2008, to restore the economy and put Americans back to work at good paying jobs. Instead we have the "new normal" of permanent unemployment of 22%, or more, and a constant:

I think it was a ballsy, unpolitician-like thing to do. He could have folded before all your BS birther-secret-muslim crap and took the cowards way out, but nooo…. He waggled his junk right in your faces and said “Teabag this!” Awesome.

The anger of ordinary Americans stems from a sense of betrayal (by the media, by the Democratic Party, by Obama personally), along with economic desperation and a sense of weakness, egged on by needless provocations by the Professional Left.

Meanwhile, Islamists and Jihadists confuse Western elite decadence and "tolerance" for that of the people, and keep escalating their "war aims" to include Sharia and domination in Western lands. With a man born a Muslim and of obvious Muslim sympathies (who may or may not be an observant Muslim but is definitely culturally Muslim) in the White House, jihadists and Islamists see this as their time for decisive blows to get guaranteed concessions, arguing that "fighting spirit" can trump the larger non-Muslim population in the West, as it had in places like Spain, Southern Italy, Sicily, Egypt, North Africa, and the former Byzantine Empire.

Building the Mosque at Ground Zero, on the grounds of a building damaged beyond repair by the falling debris of the World Trade Center, is nothing less than a deliberate provocation by Muslims world-wide and in America (no American Muslims have protested against it), designed to show dominance and American submission. It is the guaranteed flashpoint for the new Mau Mau.

Jihadists will not be able to resist the desire to "waggle their junk in your faces" and shout their pleasure at 9/11, and the "total victory" of Sharia replacing the Constitution and indeed, the American Way of Life. With a Muslim President (culturally at the least) in the White House, and a green light to engage in provocation, celebrations of the "9/11 Martyrs" and "victory over America" are bound to happen. As well as conspiracies hatched from that place, immune to eavesdropping and surveillance by a Federal and Local government on the side of Islamists.

Inevitably, small concealed video cameras will catch the worst of it, including likely open calls to Jihad and killing, and the applause of the Muslim audience. Infiltrators are almost certainly preparing, with careful back stories, and their own efforts that would have required news organizations or police forces now available to ordinary people who are pissed off.

Youtube and other venues will feature inflammatory videos calling for death to America, and submission to Sharia, and praise of bin Laden as the future ruler of America, along with Obama as his willing partner. At a certain point "waving his junk in your faces" becomes the starting point for a fight. Elite weakness provokes Jihadist attacks and thus populist anger and open revolt.

The old Mau-Mau, in which Obama's grandfather took part, stood in part for a Swahili Acronym meaning "Let the European go back to Europe, Let the Kikuyu get Independence". While European settlers were certainly targets, the main targets of the Mau-Mau were those collaborating with British rule, many being killed by herding into huts that were then set on fire. Atrocities such as this:

Perhaps the most famous Mau Mau victim was Michael Ruck, aged six, who was killed along with his parents. Newspapers in Kenya and abroad published graphic murder details and postmortem photos, including images of young Michael with bloodied teddy bears and trains strewn on his bedroom floor.

were widely publicized, though by all accounts the White victims were about 40 or so, while the Kikuyu victims were about 20,000 or more, and the horrors they underwent practically unspeakable. [It has been suggested that Obama's grandfather was an unwilling collaborator, one who broke under torture, given his relatively light sentence and less brutal physical treatment than others. Less brutal in that he was not castrated, or had a bullet through his head, or impaled, all actions done by British Imperial powers "unofficially" to the Mau-Mau.]

Obama's grandfather, who was initially sceptical of the revolt, noting accurately that "the African cannot build his own bicycle" was later enthusiastic, believing that the superior numbers and will would break the British effort to retain colonial control (which it did).

The elites in the West have police, military, cultural, and economic power — but not the confidence of the people. The Islamists and Jihadists are hated and loathed by ordinary Americans, and the Ground Zero Victory Mosque is a permanent provocation to all Americans. The elites, instead of surrendering gracefully and garnering what concessions they can to a populist revolt, are likely to cling to power by judicial and executive fiat, fairly repressive measures that are characterized by "Revolutionary Suicide" that deprive American Federal (and State) governments of legitimacy and standing, and will reflexively side with what amounts to "Imperial Colonial Troops" from another part of the world imposed upon the native populace. Writ smaller, this is the situation all across the West as well. It characterizes France, Spain, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Denmark as well as the rest of Scandinavia.

The likelihood is a long, slow slide into violence. Because all possibilities for real social and political and economic change will blocked by the elites, with the threat of Islamist/Jihadist violence used to justify "colonial stasis."

Kenyan Kikuyus were not "unique." They behaved like most colonized peoples, fed up with a colonizer they viewed as both weak and illegitimate. There were serious barriers to any possibility of success, early, and so extreme violence against innocents to make statements that Kenya belonged to the Kikuyu and not Europeans or allies, to instill terror and fear, were the tools the Mau-Mau employed.

The dynamics are clear. Elites plan to rule, to "wave their junk in your faces" and say "teabag this!" no matter what. Islamists and Jihadists plan to rule as well, using "fighting spirit" and terror as their own tools for domination and what they see as God-willed submission by America, given not just weakness but provocative weakness by elites. Eventually, ordinary Americans will turn to these tools as well, using them first against elites who remain allied to the Jihadists, as the Mau-Mau did to colonial collaborators and sympathizers, and then against the hated Jihadists. And the struggle is likely to be long, bloody, and marked by hardening "war aims" the way WWI turned most of Western Europe into a charnel house with both Allies and Axis rapidly escalating War Aims and demands.

The people are likely to demand an internment, and expulsion, of all Muslims from America. It may not happen a year from now, or even ten years from now, but if this struggle of low-level, constant violence amidst poverty and economic recession drags on from decade to decade, it will happen. The Jihadists are likely to demand total and complete submission to Islam and the imposition of an Islamic state along the lines of Taliban run Afghanistan as the price for peace. The elites are likely to desire nothing less than massive replacement of the existing White majority by Mexicans and others, with mass immigration to "drown" the opposition to their rule. Which in turn is likely to be resisted by Mau-Mau means, as a constant, dreadful level of violence and reprisal and ethnic cleansing characterizes America (and the West).

All sides are relatively evenly balanced. The people have demography (for now) but little power and less organization, the Tea Party, tools like Facebook, blogs, the internet, or parties like Gert Wilder's notwithstanding. In their struggle, they are likely to find their own Mau-Mau, from people not even yet engaged in the struggle, and like the Mau-Mau, be mostly disorganized, mostly the victims not the perpetrators, and yet capable of astonishingly cruel acts of terror against those they view as oppressors.

The elites have political, social, economic, and cultural power, but all are eroding amidst a rapid shift from bubble-boom to permanent economic decline and a "Rendezvous with Scarcity" (ala Ed Driscoll) that limits their power. Few patronage opportunities on a wide scale (ala FDR) abound, with limited money, non-Whites being first come and first served (Affirmative Action preferences), and erosion of female preferences for elite rule (with vast economic uncertainty making boring Beta males a better bet than exciting Alphas, and critically the policies that favor the one group over the other). Most importantly, nearly all institutions including Congress, the Presidency (and this particular President), the Media, the judiciary, the law itself, have lost confidence and legitimacy. Only the US military retains support and confidence, and outside the General staff is profoundly hostile to Obama and Dems.

Moreover, the elites by their nature cannot help "waggling their junk in your faces and saying teabag this!" It is second nature. Making any successful appeal to the widespread populace doomed.

The Muslim jihadists and Islamists have at their disposal, vast amounts of Gulf and Pakistani and Iranian oil money. A vast and seething population of men afflicted by polygamy (pricing most of them out of the "proper marriage market" with "proper Muslim women") gives a near limitless number of lean and hungry men willing to use violence to become Big Men or find 72 virgins in the afterlife. The vast Muslim population outside the US, and the tiny one within it, senses decadent weakness among the elites, and a green light for any atrocity that might produce an abject surrender. Contact with the US military has led to a winnowing out of ineffective jihadis and a wealth of experience among survivors, along with a sense of innovation in mass-killing that produces a feeling of terror and helplessness among victims and triumph and victory among perpetrators.

Like WWI, the fight can go on for a long time. False "victories" such as the failed Ludendorff Offensive, bogging down in defensive trenches far to the rear, are likely to characterize the struggle. The Reconquista of Spain took nearly 700 years, and the Muslim conquest of Byzantium took nearly 1,000. Victory is likely to go to those with more resources, or those with most effective resources (the side who uses it most effectively and wisely). In this, the very bigness of America, its wide open spaces, its large population, its relative freedom from widespread welfare states, may prove the decisive factor.

The borders may simply be declared "open" and anyone who crosses them declared a "citizen" instantly able to vote, demand Affirmative Action privileges, and welfare. But the "bigness" of America lends itself to extra-legal action as Prohibition provoked, along the lines of massive individual illegal behavior. Not perhaps drinking in speakeasy joints, but refusing to hire, rent to, serve, or otherwise accommodate the wave of immigrants from collapsing Mexico, itself falling to narco-trafficantes and terminal corruption. Other means could include States openly defying the Federal Government with their own "border patrol" in all but name, with various state offenses shifting around in response to Federal challenges and refusal to allow "instant citizens, just add water" to vote or receive any government resources. For every Federal/Elite action, or Jihadist atrocity, there is a populist response, soon itself counter-attacked, but likely to "flow" into the next battle. The race card itself being null and void, and the legitimacy and power of the Civil Rights movement at an end.

But sadly, the lights are going out all across the West. It is unlikely we will see them lit again in our lifetimes, save a Mau-Mau type firing of huts filled with people, or the equivalent by the "colonial authorities." It is certain that the America that results from this struggle will be radically different, as Germany and England and France were, from the one that went before it.

A long struggle will make the Federal (and State and Local) governments irrelevant and indeed, hostile to the needs and wants of ordinary Americans, and considered that way for generations to come. American and Western peoples will inevitably organize themselves along ethnic/racial lines, as multiculturalism falls apart in real world challenges of providing security and prosperity, and the ethno-state proves itself once again. Either America will be Hispanicized, and turned into a variant of Northern Mexico, or the great masses of Mexicans will be expelled inevitably along with Muslims. The reality of limited jobs, and other resources, guarantee the sort of action seen when an Indian tribe gains a casino — they kick out as many tribal members as they can to maximize wealth.

An America, or the West, not drowned in immigration, is likely to be a fairly brutal, discriminatory, ethno-state, without the slightest bit of guilt, oriented around mercantilism, protectionism, somewhere between Japan, China, and Russia today, though with far weaker leaders and far more power pushed downwards. That is the power of conflict, to reshape a people in ways that would have been unthinkable before. The reverse, of course, will be the replication of Brazil or Mexico or Cuba onto the West, with a Big Man rule, and some type of Sharia and Muslim rule to produce a "peace" (of the sort found in Egypt).

At any rate, the 1986-Present consensus of PC and Multiculturalism is coming to an end. The growing power of the Muslim world, the weakness and decadence of the elite, the frustration of the people, and the equalizing role of technology among those less powerful (the people, with the internet and cheap video cameras, Muslims with nukes) to the old elite-led nation state, is likely to produce profound changes.

It did not have to be this way, but the self-serving emotional power of "waggling his junk in your faces" proved too much.


Gorilla said...

God, you're annoying. What a pathetic screed.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

You may be seeing some of that 'resistance' now. Already a number of rank and file union construction workers are saying publicly they will not work on the ground zero mosque. I expect such a movement will become vehement in nature should we have another terror attack on US soil during the construction.

It will be interesting to see that elite, leftist, douche bag mayor Bloomberg try to break up the protest / acts of sabotage against the mosque when the rank and file of the NYPD simply refuse to follow orders.

I believe we are heading to a revolution of sorts. I am not ready to concede it will be a bloody, guns blazing revolt... yet... Right now I expect, as unemployment grows and people grow desperate, the "rank and file" (assembly line workers to your engineer in a cubical) will simply refuse to follow the rules. When you have simply nothing less to lose, the consequences of disobedience matter little.

The revolt as I see it will first take place at the ballot box, and later as town, state, county governments simply refuse to obey the higher authorities, taking matters into their own hands to restore order.

The 2nd act will be defiance on an individual and community level. For example, running Federal officials out of town who try to enforce tax collections / fines that are part of Obama care.

One thing I do know for certain.. we are living in interesting times.

Rollory said...

I still think it is possible that the construction companies of NYC will simply refuse point-blank to build it. I admit this is optimistic thinking.

baduin said...

If this is a work Americans won't do, there will be no lack for immigrants to do it.

I think Pakistanis would do the work - esp. with the possibility of permanent residence.

Mil-Tech Bard said...


The short form of what you are talking about is "The Spanish Civil War is Coming" or "TSCWIC" for short.

The implications you mention of the collapse of American public trust in federal institutions is spot on.

Obama’s and the Left's control of Federal law enforcement and regulatory powers kills the Right’s trust in the Federal Executive.

And a Sarah Palin Presidency -- she is now the most likely Republican nominee, IMO -- will mean the Left will be worse about that.

Pelosi and Reid passing National Health Care followed by Republican majorities defunding National Health Care, other Leftist funding steams and the EPA means no one will trust Congress as an Institution.

Judge Walker out in California and the 5th Circuit Federal judge who shut down the interior department oil drilling moratorium made sure no one will trust the appointed Federal court judges.

All that is left at the Federal level that the American people trust _as an institution_ is the American Military, and that spells a general on a white horse…after 10 years of the American military experience practicing population control on Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is time for everyone to read histories of the Late Roman Republic and the 1930’s Spanish Civil War.

And make good friends with your local National Guard field and senior grade officers and NCOs. It is going to be important.

Mil-Tech Bard said...


This was an observation over on that supports your point about bad economic times.

Since "Depression" is defined as a 20% loss of income over two years and unemployment over 10%. We are in the middle of a new Great Depression in terms of American rural income.

The worse in rural areas recession of 1982 meant electoral for disaster for Pres. Ronald Reagan, the house Republican minority and the then Republican Majority Senate.

Things are worse now for Obama, Pelosi and Reid.



…Farm income was $87 billion in 2008. That was a record year so maybe Bush did something right.

In 2009 it was $58 (billion) or roughly a 1/3 cut in income. This year its projected to be $64 billion or a 1/4 decline from its peak in 2008.

Think Dairy in Wisconsin-Corn in Iowa/Illinois/Missouri. A great deal of this decline in income is recession related but the browning of California farm lands hurts too. I know for DC & for New York media types this (is) flyover stuff.

Rural American, however, is facing a 1/3 cut in income.

So when you look at a state like Wisconsin & Missouri look at all the gaps between the big cities or even medium cities. Those folks are earning a lot less and they vote in big time numbers.

Yes it impacts Wisconsin and Missouri but also Ohio plus many other states.

The flight of the rural midwestern farming communities to the GOP could be the story of the 2010 election.

The abrupt collapse of the Senator Russ Feingold re-election campaign in Wisconson is a flaming datum that confirms that point.

Mil-Tech Bard said...


Here is something for you to consider WRT the Cordoba Ground Zero Victory Mosque and American tribal politics:

Walter Russel Mead's Jacksonians in American culture have long been looking for a way to politically express their "anti-foreigner" tribal selves for some time over illegal immigration.

They also like to fight.

Starting fights with Mexican immigrants and pro-illegal hispanic leaders, and their Federal, as well as their Federal, State & Local government welfare patrons, by waving the American flag on Cinco De Mayo is something they consider _REAL FUN_ on a lot of levels.


Five Morgan Hill students sent home for wearing American flag T-shirts
May 5, 2010
By Lindsay Bryant

Live Oak High School students from left, Daniel Galli, Austin Carvalho, Matt Dariano and Dominic Maciel were sent home from school Wednesday because they were wearing American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

Five Live Oak High School students' First Amendment rights were challenged this morning when they were asked to leave school because they donned American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. Officials at the school chose not to comment on the situation, but one student said an official called the T-shirts "incendiary.""They said we were starting a fight, we were fuel to the fire," said sophomore Matt Dariano.


We have Mexican Machismo combined with Leftist grievance/entitlement politics.

Getting school administrators to repeatedly and publically side with the Mexican flag wavers will be the easily achieved political objective.

It is also something that the Lefties, Big Business, and Big Government Republicans can no longer hide thanks to the internet's lower barriers of entry to distribution of news videos of such fighting and the "provoked displays of anti-patriotism" by all of the above.

Did I mention that Jacksonians enjoy tribal political and physical fights?

As a friend of mine put it when I laid out the whole thing to him:

"Change it from "School administrators will drink heavily and have single-car accidents when students wear flags to school" to:

"School administrators will lock themselves in their offices, drink heavily and shoot themselves in the head when students wear flags to school."

Mil-tech Bard, "They feel trapped and paniced. Anything they do in that situation threatens their jobs.

There are Hispanic parents on their school boards."

"Exactly so,"
was my reply.

The name I use for this political tactic is "Fomenting Official Government Displays of Anti-Patriotism".

It will be a highly useful tool for Tea Party type groups appealing to Jacksonians.

Those folks know their political targets cannot help but react due to their Leftist identity issues and thus alienate the politically uninformed, only in Presidential year, independent voters.

Just like the Cordoba Ground Zero Victory Mosque is doing now.

It is also part and parcel of the Left versus Right "TSCWIC" in America.

Whiskey said...

Gorilla -- then perhaps this blog is not for you. Daily Kos might fit your bill.

Mil-Tech, Hell -- yes the collapse of Feingold is telling. That should in "normal" years be a win that is automatic, like an early non-conference game for an SEC leader. Yet he's in trouble. Harry Reid came out against the Mosque, another guy who should be a shoo-in but is bleeding heavily.

Already even the FT is talking Double Dip, and they're cheerleading for Obama.

Just to re-emphasize. I don't think we will start out with violence. I think stasis AND CHANGING CONDITIONS will guarantee it. I.E. "drowning" the Jacksonian majority by open borders, Mexico's collapse, a government that taxes everything but provides little, and loss of legitimacy everywhere. I don't even think it will be like the Spanish Civil War, more like a giant version of Prohibition where EVERYONE is a boot-legger, a Black Market Craigslist tax avoider, with massive deterioration in physical safety and other niceties that orderly, stable government brings.

In other words not "big" like the Spanish Civil War but "small" like Al Capone vs. Bugsy Malone.

Anonymous said...

To Mil-Tech
Conditions leading up to the Spanish Civil War were much wilder than what you have there now.

I also think that the construction of that mosque goes against majority opinion, as does the war in Afghanistan, but that majority is passive and is relatively new.

In Spain things on the left had been simmering for several generations. You can see it in the oldest anonymous novel, the Lazarillo. And it is still present in the opinions and in the language of people older than 50.

Mil-Tech Bard said...


>Just to re-emphasize. I don't
>think we will start out with
>violence. I think stasis AND
>guarantee it.

You are optimistic.


The emotional heat of no-holds barred hate-speech class political rhetoric draws unfirm minds looking for a cause to express thier issues in blood.

McVeigh and various abortion murders were easily predictable from the rhetoric in the gun hugger and "Abortion is murder" pro-life crowd.

We are going there right now with Health care (death panels), the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and illegal immmigration.

Mil-Tech Bard said...


And please note, sometimes the truth can work as well as hate speech to get unfirm minds to act, if these unfirm minds are directly threatened in their own or their loved ones health:

ANN ALTHOUSE ON AVASTIN: “There are death panels. They don’t want to be seen as death panels, because to be seen as death panels will undermine their relentless, bureaucratic work. So see them.” And name names, which, as I’ve noted before, undercuts the diffusion of responsibility that bureaucrats prefer. In this case, some names are Wyndham Wilson, the chair of the committee, and Richard Pazdur, the FDA’s cancer chief. Also committee members Natalie Compagni Portis, and Jean Grem, both quoted here.

And, as Mickey Kaus reminds us, this is all part of the ObamaCare cost-containment plan. The man behind that is named Barack Obama.

Posted at 1:30 pm by Glenn Reynolds

rickl said...

Mil-Tech Bard:
And a Sarah Palin Presidency -- she is now the most likely Republican nominee, IMO -- will mean the Left will be worse about that.

That's a good point. I said way back in September 2008 that "PDS has gotten worse in two weeks than BDS did in eight years", but I admit I haven't considered the implications of that if she is actually elected President.

If we thought the Left was unhinged before, we ain't seen nothing yet.

lovelystill said...

What about an impeachment?

"Fear not your enemies, for they can only kill you,Fear not your friends,
for they can only betray you,Fear only the tolerant, that let the killers and betrayers walk freely upon the earth."

A moment of truth: