Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque: Obama's Extended Middle Finger to America

With Obama strongly backing the Ground Zero Victory Mosque celebrating 9/11, he has raised a middle finger to America. This is not surprising, Obama was born, and raised a Muslim, to a Muslim father, grandfather, and step-father. He's celebrated one of his half-brothers conversions to Islam in his book, "Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance." Obama has systematically refused to celebrate birthdays (Muslims avoid it because that custom is viewed as Christian), delayed for years in getting his kids a dog (Muslims dislike dogs), recited the call to prayer in Arabic from memory to a NYT reporter, and as Doug Ross reports, Obama wanted to eliminate the White House creche display during Christmas over "separation of church and state" but backs the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.

The decision to do so, is in the words of one Ed Driscoll commenter (perhaps or perhaps not, impersonating the professional Left):

I think it was a ballsy, unpolitician-like thing to do. He could have folded before all your BS birther-secret-muslim crap and took the cowards way out, but nooo…. He waggled his junk right in your faces and said “Teabag this!” Awesome.

A decision opposed by super majorities of the US, around 70%.The question is not "is Obama a Muslim sympathizer?" because the answer is of course, yes. Obama even wrote in his second book, "The Audacity of Hope" (taken from a Rev. Wright sermon) that he would side with Muslims over America. The issue instead is why Obama chose to extend his middle finger to America, shortly before mid-term elections. The answer could be that Obama is approaching the Jonestown moment, one filled with "Revolutionary Suicide."

A revolutionary suicide, moreover, approved of heartily by Obama's core supporters. The danger of course, is that revolutionary suicide can take with it, the rest of America.

Part and parcel of Obama's political career is the studied insult that has no real pay-off other than energizing his supporters and making himself look like a "Big Man." This is common among tribal peoples, counting coup and offering meaningless insults, described by those who knew the Plains Indians, the Sioux, the Comanche, the Kiowa, and also the Apache in the Southwest. Stone age peoples in the Amazon, and Borneo also engage in this behavior. It is not limited to those groups either. Gunfights over "dissing" are common in the Ghetto, and the barrio, and Italian and French politics are filled with "Big Man" insults where one leader gratuitously insults a rival or political grouping. Obama's surreptitiously extended middle finger to Hillary and McCain during debates, his "brushing off" gestures taken from rap videos, his insults to no good reason or outcome of British leaders (for apparently, imprisoning his Mau-Mau terrorist grandfather) are by now common.

Gratuitous insults to Middle Class White America saying "teabag this!" are common among Black leaders whose Black voters find it amusing and emotionally rousing. Trinity United, Obama's church for twenty years, explicitly rejected (and still does) "Middle Classness" which Michelle Obama in her many speeches also rejects. Both Obama and his spouse have spoken many times of their horror of polite, middle class society going to anonymous and boring jobs, saying they themselves were "better" than that and destined for a "nobler purpose." The constant insults, the "police acted stupidly" (regarding the Skippy Gates Affair), the insulting of the British and Israeli Prime Ministers (the latter brought into the White House via the back door next to the garbage, and photographed there by arrangement from the White House), all fit into the pattern of "sticking it to the man." No matter that the President of the United States, is by definition, the man.

The Professional Left, the reporters, editors, announcers, newscasters, educators, university professors, lawyers, judges, Hollywood executives, actors and actresses, Hollywood producers, and so on find this amusing and compelling. They hate ordinary people too, along with their values. So they find the insults and particularly, backing the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, an exciting insult to the America they loathe.

But from a professional political standpoint, its disaster. This extended middle finger tells vulnerable, swing Democrats that the party and leader is about to go harder Left than it has before, and with a Republican House at least blocking economic changes to solidify Government control over the total economy, Obama and Democrats will fight to remake America culturally. By pushing surrender to Islam, Sharia, and terminal political correctness so that America is merely a nation without borders, values, a unique people, or anything else but a global stop on the globalized mish-mash of anti-Western struggles.

This in a time of deep, and seemingly permanent recession,with a double-dip perhaps just weeks away if not here already.

Absent are Clintonian "I Feel Your Pain" episodes of lip-biting, and "end of Welfare as we know it" or picking fights with Sistah Souljah, aimed at reassuring nervous middle class White voters that the Democratic Party is comprised of ... middle class White leaders. Now every Democrat will have to answer if he or she supports the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, or agrees with Republicans against the President that it should be moved elsewhere.

It seems the "real Obama" with the requirements to keep his massive, super-majority (over 60 votes in the Senate, a massive House majority) now slipping away, is emerging. One defiantly determined to give America, which he hates, a permanent middle finger. So he can feel better about himself, and perhaps engage in "Revolutionary Suicide." By taking America down with him.

Lame duck sessions to push radical agendas, including cap and tax, reparations for slavery, national gay marriage, gun confiscation, some form of "Sharia Light" and formal rule by Executive Decree are all but guaranteed. Including perhaps the ability to suspend elections and rule by Executive Order should the President deem it a "national emergency" (when the police "act stupidly" again, or something).

Obama had a perfect chance to provide his own Sistah Souljah moment, in the Ramadan Dinner, to blast Muslims as lacking patriotism, devotion to America, or sensibility to victims of 9/11, and demand the Mosque be moved. Given that non-Muslim American voters who are deeply suspicious and angry with Muslims outnumber Muslims by about 100 to 1. Instead, Obama reflexively sided with Muslims against Americans (just as he predicted in his book), for deep political cost with no gain. Counting Coup without any pay-off from increased adoration by his followers. They already consider him "kind of like God" (according to Chris Matthews), so there was no benefit for telling Americans "teabag this!" and "waggling his junk in their faces."

Revolutionary Suicide is coming. Be prepared.


Anonymous said...


I think you can add another layer to this. This mosque support, even with the not even 24 hr walk back has confirmed 4 things for me:.

1. Obama is a muslim who hides his faith in a way to be politically successful.

2. Liberals and Democrats have no understanding of history. They would be wise to learn about Mohammeds rise. He killed the Persian Empire and seriously crippled the Byzantium Empire. Obama seems to think the to cripple America is good and would like it to decline much like Byzantine did.

3. The elite are so soft and comfortable they can not comprehend the terrible cost of losing culturally to Muslim culture. They would rather sing and dance because they have always been free and never in submission to another human being.

4. If within the next 10 years there is a major successful terrorist attack. Their will be riots and murder towards muslims. there will be massive support for total warfare against the middle east. The reason being that average people will believe the government has not taken seriously this threat as shown by obama's behavior.

Rodimus 903

seanrobsville said...


sestamibi said...

Rodimus 903--

Like hell that will happen. If it didn't happen after 9/11 it ain't gonna happen in an even MORE non-white America.

The fact is that with each passing day there are fewer inhabitants of US territory that believe in the concept of America as we used to know it. Check Andrew McCarthy's take on NRO recently after the Mexican president slandered our country right in front of Congress to their cheers!!

No we aren't going to "take it back". The best we can do is keep what we have--if we all have guns.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

>Revolutionary Suicide is coming. Be prepared.

More like "Irrational regimes become more so under pressure."

Obama and his people are Chicago Hyde Park Leftists.

The supermajority reaction to the whole "Cordoba Ground Zero Victory Mosque" was literally outside their frame of reference.

The key is what they have been doing, when confronted. Which has been to revert to the one-party political thugs they are.

See this from the summer of 2009 when the Tea Parties first appeared:

Mr. President, Americans are not an 'angry mob'

Examiner Editorial
August 9, 2009

The Obama White House has established a health care reform snitch line and encouraged its supporters to turn in critics for allegedly spreading false information about Obamacare. In its effort to intimidate and silence dissenter, the administration is also working hand-in-hand with the Democratic congressional leadership, the Democratic National Committee, Organizing for America (formerly the 2008 Obama campaign committee), friendly journalists in the liberal media, tax-exempt supposedly non-partisan non-profits like AARP, and the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and other labor unions. This campaign is creating the spectacle of Democratic congressmen being shielded from constituents by squads of union goons.

We are witnessing something terribly ugly in America this summer. Obama is leading a campaign to shift our peaceful democratic process away from civil discussions of programs and candidates to using the power of the state to bully those who oppose the majority party's policy proposals. The threat may be as subtle as the fear of being reported by a neighborhood informant to the White House, or as overt as stick-wielding union toughs who might not approve of the way you ask your congressman a question.

This is a local Chicago political paradigm applied nationally.

The only difference between what Obama's people did in Chicago and today is scale.

Obama's problem is that America is not Chicago.

What was unprecedented there was that this we have a presidential administration that has authorized and directed a campaign of organized political violence against ordinary Americans to deter them from petitioning Congress (starting in the summer of 2009), and engaging in normal political activity.

That was new and incredibly ominous.

The Obama administration has crossed the Rubicon.

I am not aware of any prior administration authorizing violence against ordinary Americans to deter them from petitioning Congress for the redress of grievances.

That was an impeachable offense.

The stakes are now freedom versus tyranny.

It is crystal clear that the Obama Administration does not intend that 2012 be a free election.

That is why November 2010 is so important.

Non-Leftists can win so big this year that the Obama machine cannot cheat big enough, in enough Red/Purple State elections, to retain the Congress.

After that, Congresses'investigative powers will put the Obama underlings in fear of destitution by legal bills, so they will be willing to make deals to sell out their superiors to save themselves.

sunflower Pipes said...

Why shouldn't they build a Community Center two blocks from Ground Zero? Do you think it is offensive to be Muslim or do you just think it is offensive to be Muslim so close to Ground Zero?

Anonymous said...

Sunflower -

It's offensive to be Muslim, in general. It's a religion that has violence and domination of others as it's core beliefs.

It's more offensive to be Muslim in America, since it is a faith that is fundamentally incompatible with our basic institutions.

And it is even more offensive to be Muslim at Ground Zero, since the only reason this group wants to build a Mosque there is as a signal to the rest of the Muslim world that America is on it's way to defeat.